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Linkdump – One hundred percent Hugo and Clarke Award free

The hits on my Hugo reaction link round-up have gone through the roof thanks to links from John Scalzi, James Nicholls, Liz Bourke, Jay Lake, Radish Reviews, SF Signal and others. I’ll do another link round-up about the reactions to … Continue reading

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More Christopher Priest versus the Clarke Award

Yesterday’s post about the latest genre dust-up involving Christopher Priest’s very vocal criticism of this year’s Clarke Award shortlist has been linked by John Scalzi at Whatever, which has sent my stats shooting up since Scalzi gets as many visitors … Continue reading

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Of Thunderstorms and Deceased Comedians

Amazon finally sent me an e-mail that they are on the case of my missing e-book. So maybe I will have an official announcement later this week. Meanwhile, the story is already available at OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks and XinXii. I also … Continue reading

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More on the avalanche, science fictional childhood, dark YA and unfair e-book pricing

The Strunk and White avalanche is slowly ebbing, though I still get about ten times as many viewers as on a good day. Interestingly, the regional distribution of website visitors hasn’t changed all that much, only that there are a … Continue reading

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The Strunk and White Aftermath – and a linkdump

The Strunk and White avalanche is still continuing. July 12 got only 19 views less than July 11. Links are popping up in various places as well, including one in a Making Light open thread in this comment. Meanwhile, absolutely … Continue reading

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The Bacon Cat Law of Internet Popularity

I had a different post drafted for today. A serious post about German literature, linguistics and unusual narrative perspectives inspired by the awarding of the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize yesterday. But then something happened. I went online and found that my … Continue reading

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I accidentally corner the market for Strunk/White fanfiction

I just went online and – as always – checked my sites for stats and new comments (replies coming tonight) and found that my stats had literally exploded over night. This site has already twice as many views at midday … Continue reading

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