And another new release announcement: Steaks, Walls and Dossiers: The Best Trump Anthology Ever

Yes, I have another new release to announce, this time another anthology in which I have a story. This release rather snuck up on me, since I only heard today that the anthology was out. Otherwise, the announcement would have gone into yesterday’s big announcement post.

This is anthology has been almost a year in the making. For last year, shortly after the US presidential elections, editor George Donnelly sent out a call for submissions for a Donald Trump themed flash fiction anthology. I initially intended to sit this one out – not my president, not my problem. But then I had an idea, so I wrote a little flash fiction story, sent it out and had it accepted. And then the waiting began. However, as we say in Germany, what takes a long time, will eventually be good.

So here it is: Steaks, Walls and Dossiers, an anthology of not quite serious flash fiction stories about Donald Trump. And it’s not just any old Trump anthology either – no, this is the very best Trump anthology ever. Okay, so I only know of one other Trump anthology, but based on the sample for that one, I’d say that ours is definitely better.

Steaks, Walls and Dossiers: The Best Trump Anthology Ever
Steaks, Walls and Dossiers: The Best Trump Anthology EverTime assassins. The entire nation of Scotland. Satan himself.
You thought President Donald J. Trump was outrageous? See 13 fictional Trumps combat absurd enemies in these amazing 16 short stories — the BEST ever.
Some classy but most downright ludicrous, these tremendously winning stories are going to take care of your need for entertainment, Little Reader Man. Believe me!
We’re making fiction great again for billions and trillions of incredible readers just like you. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. Grab your copy now!
These stories are imploding, and soon will explode. To miss out would cause an absolute and total catastrophe. Buy the book now before the price goes up!
WARNING: Not suitable for low-energy types, weak men, losers, lightweights, zeros, Crazy Megyn, Crooked Hillary or Lyin’ Ted!
What are you waiting for? Do your thing, Little Reader Man!

List price: 0.99 USD, EUR or GBP
Buy it at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Netherlands, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon Brazil, Amazon Japan, Amazon India and Amazon Mexico.


My story in this anthology is called “The Trump That Ate the Solar System”. In this story, Trump goes Galactus/Dark Phoenix on the solar system. Other shocking developments include Mike Pence accidentally getting electrocuted into gayness and Melania breaking a fingernail. So really, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today!

The story was inspired by this cover of the German political magazine Der Spiegel, which is only one of several marvellous Trump covers Der Spiegel ran over the past year. Honestly, you could fill a whole anthology just with stories inspired by those covers.

Coincidentally, “The Trump That Ate the Solar System” is not the first time that the current president of the US has made an appearance in my fiction (and it probably won’t be the last time either). For almost a year ago, I published the Silencer holiday novella St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen, in which the Silencer tangles with a crooked real estate magnate named Reginald Rumpus atop Rumpus’ dark tower on 5th Avenue. At the time, I described Reginald Rumpus and his wife Melody as “Donald and Melania Trump as portrayed by Wallace Beery and Jean Harlow”. So if you’re not satisfied with reading 16 flash fiction stories about Donald Trump in various guises or if you’re looking for a thrilling and heart-warming holiday novella, St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen is the story for you.

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