And Another Announcement: New Poem Published

Yes, as the title indicates, this is another announcement post. Well, I warned you there might be a few of those in the run-up to the holidays.

This time, the announcement concerns an aspect of my writing that I don’t indulge as much anymore as I once did, namely poetry. As the Haiku Box on the right indicates, I actually do have a history of writing poetry and also had a couple of poems published. However, ever since newleaf magazine, which automatically got the first look at any new poem I wrote, went on indefinite hiatus, any new poem I wrote usually ended up in the “poetry” folder on my harddrive with a note “Find a place to submit this later”. Alas, “later” often turned into “never”.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when I saw a call for submissions for a poetry webzine called Umbel & Panicle that focusses on photography and poems about all things botanical, largely because I follow their editor-in-chief Joyce Chng and their social media manager Jen Zink on Twitter. I checked out the magazine, liked what I saw and thought, “Botanical poems on the theme of ‘graft’? Let’s check the poetry folder.” So I submitted a poem, had it accepted and now you can all read it in Issue 6 of Umbel & Panicle.

My poem is called “Experiment” and you can read it here, illustrated by a beautiful photo of a hybrid fruit tree in bloom. However, you should really read the whole issue, which also contains some wonderful poems by Eva Papasoulioti and Jessica Seaborn as well as stunning photos by Darin Wahl. And while you’re at it, why don’t you check out the back issues, too, because Umbel & Panicle does some very good work.

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