Another new release for the holidays: Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart

And here is the final new release announcement for 2016. It’s another holiday story, but one that is very different from St. Nicholas of Hell’s Kitchen.

For Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart is a sweet and rather fluffy holiday romance in the vein of Christmas Gifts and Christmas Eve at the Purple Owl Café.

Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart was something of an attack story, because the phrase that eventually became the title suddenly popped into my head. At first, I wanted to write a poem around it, but then I thought, “Hey, that’s a great title for a Christmas romance,” and started writing. Three days later I was finished and here is the result.

Regular readers may notice that Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart is the second holiday story I have written that is set in a shopping mall just before Christmas. The other one is Christmas Gifts. And coincidentally, it’s strongly implied that both stories take place concurrently at the same mall. Plus, I strongly suspect that Shannon from Christmas Gifts snagged that last jar of cranberry sauce that Hannah and Owen can’t find later on.

Why malls? Well, for starters, visiting a mall at holiday time is an experience most of us can relate to, plus malls give strangers plenty of chances to meet and they offer any kind of setting you could possibly need, because a mall is basically an interconnected universe of little mini-environments. Hence, Christmas Gifts features a perfumery and a coffee shop, while Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart features the plaza/entrance area, the mall parking lot, a supermarket and once again, a coffee shop. And yes, it’s the same coffee shop manned by the same barista, a Pakistani math student named Mohammad.

In fact, I may eventually turn Christmas Gifts and Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart as well as any other holiday stories set in and around shopping malls I may still write (e.g. I have an unfinished holiday romance set at a Christmas tree lot on – yes – a mall parking lot). The only reason I didn’t yet officially link both stories in a series is that a) it didn’t occur to me until yesterday and b) I’m reluctant to make any changes to book listings or upload new content at a time where the backend at most e-book vendors is closed for the holidays.

So enjoy Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling for the holidays.

Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart
Christmas Shopping with a Broken Heart by Cora BuhlertWhen her boyfriend dumps her four weeks before Christmas, Hannah throws herself into holiday preparations in order to dull the pain. But nothing seems to help, until Hannah quite literally bumps into Owen, while Christmas shopping.

Hannah and Owen hit it off immediately. But Owen is nursing an old grief of his own…

This is a short and sweet holiday romance of 5900 words or approximately 20 print pages.


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Length: 5900 words
List price: 0.99 USD, EUR or GBP
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  1. Hope you had a peaceful and healthy Christmas and will have a Healthy New Year. Thanks for all the interesting posts every year!

    • Cora says:

      Thanks and a happy and healthy New Year right back to you. I hope to have more interesting posts for you next year (including a review of the new Winnetou). 🙂

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