Photos: Enchanted November Woodlands

We had a lovely sunny and mild late November weekend, so I took the opportunity to go hiking in my favourite local hiking spot, the Westermark forest near the town of Syke, which has been featured in these pages before.

And since I took my camera along, here are some photos:

Woodland path

The main path through the woods.

Woodland path

Another look down the main path with beautifully coloured foliage. Because the fall was mild, there are still a lot of leaves on the trees.

Woodland path

A golden-leaved beech tree stands among a bunch of firs.

Westermark woods hut

This little rest hut stands in the middle of the woods.

Tree with bench.

A bench under a barren tree.


A look up at the canopies of the trees. Note the falling leaves, stirred up by a gust of wind.

Westermark Woods

A look into the woods. The ground is completely covered in dead leaves. Note the numbers sprayed onto some of the trunks as signs for the lumberjacks.

Westermark lumber

The lumberjacks have been busy of late and so the trunks of cut down trees lined many of the paths.

Westermark lumber

More lumber. Note the sprayed words: “E. Frei”, which I suppose is the name of the owner of these particular trunks.

Westermark tree

An aged beech tree that almost looks like a sculpture.

Westermark field

The field at the center of the forest is lit by the afternoon sun.

Westermark forest

A particularly beautiful example of a tree with autumn coloured leaves.

Westermark edge of the woods

This path goes along the edge of the woods.

Westermark woods

A mix of light – the gilded beech tree – and dark – the firs on the other side of the path.

Westermark clovers

Close-up of the clovers that cover parts of the ground in the forest.

Westermark fern

A close-up of a fern leaf.

Fall colours near Steinforth

This photo was not taken in the Westermark woods, but in the nearby village of Steinforth. Note the stunning fall colours.

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4 Responses to Photos: Enchanted November Woodlands

  1. I love fall photography. Great colors, Cora.

  2. sherwood smith says:

    Beautiful colors, and oh, the fall of light!

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