Photos: Snow 2017

2017 started just like 2016 ended, with mild weather. However, by the end of last week, winter finally arrived in the form of storm Egon.

Here in Northern Germany, we weren’t hit nearly as badly by Egon as some other regions, though Egon certainly made his presence felt, as the following photos show:

Winter night storm

Overnight, Egon brought a layer of fresh snow and swirling snowflakes.

Winter storm with snow

The streetlight neatly illuminates the swirling snowflakes.

Winter storm with snow

Not modern art or a camera defect, but the gale force winds of Egon turning snowflakes into streaks of white.

After Egon had blown through, the temperatures dropped and so the snow Egon had brought stuck around, joined by hoarfrost. The result was icy cold, but very pretty indeed.

Frosted trees

Snow and frosted trees along our street.

Frosted trees

Yet more frosted trees in the other direction.

Frosted oak tree

The oak tree next to the house is covered in hoarfrost.

Frosted trees

One last look up the street with frosted trees and snow-covered houses.

By the time dusk was falling, the already magical scenery became even prettier, because in addition to snow and frost, we also got fluffy pink clouds.

Pinks skies and snow

A pink evening sky above a snow-covered world.

I have been busy these past few days, but I did find the opportunity to go hiking in the woods for an hour today. Of course, I also took some photos and with a better camera, too. I hope to post those tomorrow, but for now enjoy these smartphone photos of winter in North Germany.

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