Photos: First Snow of the Winter 2016

And now for something completely different:

Last night, while US voters were busily burning down their country and handing a racist and sexist jerk the presidency, we also had the first snow of the winter.

So if you want to take your mind of depressing US politics, here are some photos:

Snowy street

The view outside my front door this morning. The street is covered in snow.

Snowy street

A look down the snow covered street.

Snowy street

A look up the snow-covered street. Note the frosted trees.

Snowy meadow

The meadow and the oak tree next to the house all covered in snow.

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2 Responses to Photos: First Snow of the Winter 2016

  1. Sherwood Smith says:

    Lovely pix!

    Also, important to note that somewhat less than half of US voters were burning down the country, but the outmoded electoral system gave them the vote anyway. (Though I cannot for the life of me understand how anybody but a nut or a nazi could vote for that despicable racist narcissist who ran for dictator. I don’t want to wish they will reap what they sowed because I live here, too.)

    • Cora says:

      Yes, the US (and to some degree the UK) are particularly vulnerable because of their outmoded voting systems. Most continental European countries are more insulated by our voting systems, but we have these angry white people, who want to burn everything down, too.

      Glad you like the pics BTW.

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