Photos: Autumn Leaves 2018

This past week, we have been experiencing uncommonly warm and sunny weather for mid October. And so I took the opportunity to drive around and admire the fall colours in the area. Of course, I also took some photos, which you can see below:

Autumn field

Fall foliage and a late blooming rapeseed field near the town of Kirchhatten.

Autumn road

A road lined by trees in full autumn glory near Heiligenrode.

St. Ansgar Church in Sandkrug

The modernist bell tower of the Catholic St. Ansgar church in the town of Sandkrug


The Nordwestbahn, a regional train, passes by.

Tree-lined road autumn

Another tree-lined road, this one near the village of Steinkimmen

Red oak tree

A red oak tree in the town of Sandkrug

Fall foliage

A closer look at the foliage of the red oak tree

Agnes maple tree

Agnes, the maple tree, in full autumn glory. I raised Agnes from a seedling I found in my parents’ driveway 35 years ago. This is what she looks like today.

Peppermint sundae

Because it was warm, I also stopped at an ice cream parlour that was still open and had this tasty peppermint sundae.

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2 Responses to Photos: Autumn Leaves 2018

  1. Lenore Jean Jones says:

    Nice! The trees are just starting to turn here in New Jersey – they’re a bit late, I think.

    • Cora says:

      Glad you like the photos. I’m actually glad that the trees have any leaves left, considering that we had an extremely dry summer over here.

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