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Dinosaurs, Bestsellers and Nebula Awards

First of all, Outlaw Love is a top three e-book bestseller and a top ten book (i.e. print and e-book combined) bestseller in the western category at Amazon Germany. For more, read this post at the Pegasus Pulp blog. Because … Continue reading

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A Presidential Linkdump

Below the cut, there are plenty of links about the German presidential candidate Joachim Gauck, Mostly critical voices, because frankly, if you want pro-Gauck opinions, any mainstream news outlet will provide those. Send to Kindle

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Links – Guaranteed Politics Free

We’ve got film, TV, linguistics, writing and horror fiction in here, but guaranteed no politics: The New York Times tells the fascinating story of Dolores Hart, a Hollywood starlet in the late 1950s and early 1960s who starred in several … Continue reading

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The wrong man

I don’t really want to blog about politics again. Most of my readers don’t care about German politics anyway, they come for the SFF analysis or the Misfits recaps (more of those soon) or the Strunk and White fanfiction or … Continue reading

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Berlin film festival winners and a few words on the latest political scandal

I’m still suffering from that nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue, which is showing no sign of receding. This is very frustrating, particularly since I can barely eat anything. One drug that allegedly helps against aphthous ulcers … Continue reading

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New Book Trailer for the Silencer series

I made a book trailer for my Silencer stories via xtranormal, a cool site where you can make movies using CGI characters. Check it out below the cut: Send to Kindle

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A nasty aphthous ulcer and a neat link

I’m feeling out of sorts, because I’ve got a headache and a really nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue. I get aphthous ulcers from time to time and usually I can manage them pretty well. This one, … Continue reading

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A Rather Romance-Heavy Linkdump

I had a dreadful day at school today with some of my fifth-graders acting up so badly that I had to get the headmaster involved. The class was always okay before, but we got new students and two of them … Continue reading

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Book pimpage, a bold student and Cora is out of touch with romance reader tastes

First of all, happy book release day to Elke Marion Weiß whose debut crime novel Triangel is published today. Elke was one of my teachers at university. In other news, today I had an eighth-grader ask me whether I had … Continue reading

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Interviews, politics, celebrity deaths and sex

First of all, there’s another interview with me online. This time around, I was interviewed by Peter Joseph Lewis at Why Did You Write That? Come on over and check it out. I also have a new post up over … Continue reading

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