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Short Linkdump for a Foggy February Day

Over at my Pegasus Pulp blog, I have a post on the renaissance of short fiction, inspired by a recent New York Times article on the subject. The Huffington Post has a great article by Caribbean writer Karen Lord about … Continue reading

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Links for a Snow Day

First of all, I added a few new haiku to The Haiku Zone in the top left corner of the page. There are now 23 rotating haiku featured. Meanwhile, I’ve also got a bunch of links to share: The Golden … Continue reading

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Tidbits from Elsewhere

I’ve been blogging at my other two blogs today. At Pegasus Pulp, I compare my experiences ordering print books from Amazon and its German competitor Thalia. So far Amazon wins hands down. And at the ABC Buhlert site, I discuss … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey hits Germany – with an embarrassing mistranslation

Over Christmas, the British series Downtown Abbey has finally come to German TV. Now I am very definitely not a fan of the show. Nonetheless, the German public TV channel ZDF has once again proven its track record of buying … Continue reading

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In Aberdeen

As the headline says, I’m currently in Scotland in the city of Aberdeen. Sorry about the extended radio silence, but the hotel only offers 30 minutes of free WiFi per day and that is primarily reserved for important e-mails, crucial … Continue reading

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A sales milestone, two events, strong female characters and retro TV gossip

Pegasus Pulp passed the 100 sales threshold today. And if you’re in the Bremen area, I also want to point out two literary events: Tomorrow, i.e. March 8, Elke Marion Weiß will present her debut novel Triangel in the “Bremer … Continue reading

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Science Fiction is dying… – again – and what Downton Abbey and The Help say about contemporary American culture

There is another “death of science fiction” debate – this time in Germany. I stumbled upon it while looking for Gauck links of all things. At the tech news site Telepolis, German science fiction writer Michael Szameit laments the impending … Continue reading

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Links – Guaranteed Politics Free

We’ve got film, TV, linguistics, writing and horror fiction in here, but guaranteed no politics: The New York Times tells the fascinating story of Dolores Hart, a Hollywood starlet in the late 1950s and early 1960s who starred in several … Continue reading

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Some Musings on the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes have been awarded and once again prove how completely out of touch I am with what is considered good film and television these days. Because I have no idea what half the nominated films and TV shows … Continue reading

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Another interview with Cora, some indie publishing links, Channel 4 occupies Alan Moore, more on gender in SFF and Downton Abbey saves traditional publishing

First of all, I am interviewed at the Indie Book Lounge today, so head on over and check it out. If you want to read some of my past interviews, they are archived at the Interviews page. I’ve also got … Continue reading

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