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Science fiction and Romance Linkdump

First of all, science fiction writer, terminal cancer patient and regular reader of this blog Jay Lake has the chance to take part in a clinical trial for a new cancer treatment, which will hopefully help both Jay and other cancer … Continue reading

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The latest on diversity in genre fiction and other mixed links

The monster winter storm Xaver has retreated to more easterly shores and is currently annoying Finland, Sweden and the three Baltic States. However, Xaver or rather the snow and hail he brought us thoroughly messed up St. Nicholas Day before … Continue reading

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Beyond the Greek Alphabet – Romance and Non-Stereotypical Gender Roles

So Fifty Shades of Grey has sold ten million copies (both in e-book and print) in six weeks. And since the article is already approximately a week old, it has probably sold another million or two since then. What is … Continue reading

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A nasty aphthous ulcer and a neat link

I’m feeling out of sorts, because I’ve got a headache and a really nasty aphthous ulcer on the side of my tongue. I get aphthous ulcers from time to time and usually I can manage them pretty well. This one, … Continue reading

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A Rather Romance-Heavy Linkdump

I had a dreadful day at school today with some of my fifth-graders acting up so badly that I had to get the headmaster involved. The class was always okay before, but we got new students and two of them … Continue reading

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Writing Links for the New Year

I took down the Christmas decorations today and dropped by at my parents to testdrive the output of their brand-new fancy Italian coffeemaker. The latte macchiato was good. So was the cappuccino. And now for some writing links: On Jay … Continue reading

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The e-book price wars, gendered toys and NASCAR hates breastfeeding

Over at the Pegasus Pulp blog, I have a post entitled “2011 – Year of the Indie”. The subject should be rather obvious. Kristine Kathryn Rusch has an insightful post about the realities of the post Christmas e-book sales rush … Continue reading

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Literature and capitalism, the trouble with romances, yet more gender bias in SFF, good writing advice and some dentistry, too, for good measure

I had to take my Dad to the dentist today and pick him up again. He is getting implants, which were inserted under general anaesthesia, so he couldn’t drive. He was pretty woozy afterwards – I very much had to … Continue reading

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Fictional Riches

Who would have thought that Forbes Magazine, that indispensable prop carried around by business students hoping to impress girls (I was that girl and distinctly unimpressed), had a sense of humour? But they obviously do, since they published this list … Continue reading

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Recently Read Books – Holiday Edition

Crap, I’m really behind with the recently read books discussion, because this is what I read over Christmas and New Year. Since it was the holiday season, I decided to take a break from speculative romance and read something a … Continue reading

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