Book pimpage, a bold student and Cora is out of touch with romance reader tastes

First of all, happy book release day to Elke Marion Weiß whose debut crime novel Triangel is published today. Elke was one of my teachers at university.

In other news, today I had an eighth-grader ask me whether I had breast implants, which was a first. And the kid who asked the question is normally one of the nice kids. I suspect that one of his classmates put him up to it, probably a dare or something.

The results of the 2011 All About Romance annual reader poll are in. There’s also some additional commentary here. The results show once again how out of touch I am with the voter base at All About Romance. Except for the J.D. Robb books that got an honourable mention somewhere, I haven’t even read any of those books let alone voted for them. Though I should probably check out Thea Harrison.

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