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Phone Trouble

I was away for most of today and when I got home, I found that the phone system had broken down and stubbornly refuses all repair attempts. The phone system won’t even connect to my laptop. The internet is still … Continue reading

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Women writers, international writers, marginalized writers

Today, for the first time since the whole Strunk and White madness erupted (chronicled here for anybody who hasn’t read it yet), my top search string for the day is something other than some combination of Strunk, White and fanfiction. … Continue reading

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Gender roles in SFF romance hybrids

Right now, there are a couple of interesting discussions about gender roles in hybrid forms between the speculative fiction genres and the romance genre, that is urban fantasy, paranormal romance, futuristic romance, SF romances, etc… attackfish has a great Bittercon* … Continue reading

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Reflections on London, a spectacular mosaic and some links

This afternoon, I picked up my neighbour and her son from the central bus station. They had just got back from a trip to London, one of those bus tours that are fairly cheap, provided you know what you’re getting … Continue reading

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Class in British literature and popular culture – now with bonus Farscape

Apparently, the recent sociological tome on Chavs by seems to have reached the other side of the Atlantic, for the New York Times offers not just a review but an excerpt as well.

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Yet another e-book announcement

In addition to, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany, Pegasus Pulp e-books are now also available at XinXii. What is XinXii? XinXii is a European e-book retailer based in Germany. They’re still fairly new, but growing. Unlike the various Amazons, … Continue reading

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Emmy nominations, George R.R. Martin saves publishing as we know it and three German TV deaths

The Emmy Award nominations for 2011 have been announced and as usual there are a lot of nominations for a lot of shows I don’t watch, some that I think are dreadful (The Good Wife, Glee, Law and Order Special … Continue reading

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More on the avalanche, science fictional childhood, dark YA and unfair e-book pricing

The Strunk and White avalanche is slowly ebbing, though I still get about ten times as many viewers as on a good day. Interestingly, the regional distribution of website visitors hasn’t changed all that much, only that there are a … Continue reading

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The Strunk and White Aftermath – and a linkdump

The Strunk and White avalanche is still continuing. July 12 got only 19 views less than July 11. Links are popping up in various places as well, including one in a Making Light open thread in this comment. Meanwhile, absolutely … Continue reading

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Point of view, the T-V distinction and the Ingeborg Bachmann prize

This is the post I had drafted and intended to post yesterday, before that Strunk and White business diverted my attention. It is long and full of technical details regarding linguistics, narrative perspective and contemporary German literature: The 2011 Ingeborg … Continue reading

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