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Michael Burnham, Poe Dameron and the Decline of the Maverick Hero

Science fiction has always been the genre of the maverick hero and occasionally, the maverick heroine. Han Solo, Malcolm Reynolds, Kirk and Spock, Riker, Worf, Kathryn Janeway, the Doctor (“Fine chaps, all of them” – and now a fine lady, … Continue reading

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Science fiction and Romance Linkdump

First of all, science fiction writer, terminal cancer patient and regular reader of this blog Jay Lake has the chance to take part in a clinical trial for a new cancer treatment, which will hopefully help both Jay and other cancer … Continue reading

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Riots Redux

A few days ago, I was at my parents, when there was a belated report on the British riots on TV (belated, because the program in question was on summer hiatus during the riots and now had to reassert its … Continue reading

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The British riots and their reflection in contemporary British pop culture

Slate has an article on the British riots (well, English, since there was no rioting in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), with a headline claiming that British writers and filmmakers had foreseen the social gap that would eventually break open … Continue reading

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Class in British literature and popular culture – now with bonus Farscape

Apparently, the recent sociological tome on Chavs by seems to have reached the other side of the Atlantic, for the New York Times offers not just a review but an excerpt as well.

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Poverty Porn

Regarding the subject of class prejudice as expressed in reality shows in the UK (and not just there), the Guardian has two articles about yet another show of that type, The Scheme, a reality show set on a Scottish council … Continue reading

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The Curse of Quality Drama

Rumours of a potential Star Wars live action series have been flowing around for a while now, but apparently the rumours are consolidating. Alyssa Rosenberg at ThinkProgress and Ta-Nehisi Coates at the Atlantic have information (a little) and speculation (a … Continue reading

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Chavs, Reality TV and Class Prejudice

A few days ago, I linked to this discussion of the British slang term “chav” at the Guardian. Now the Guardian has a follow-up article, in which Suzanne Moore says that it’s not the term “chav” itself that’s the problem … Continue reading

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Bad news from Germany, the British class system, the invisibility of women in SF and some indie publishing

The world and the internet seem to have woken up just in time for the next public holiday to hit us on Thursday. Lots of stuff happened, so here is a linkdump: I am saddened by the outcome of the … Continue reading

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