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The Twilight of the Fax Machine

I’m one of the very few private citizens who still own a fax machine. In fact, I’m not even sure how many businesses still own a fax machine, since the fax machine is large obsolete these days, when only a … Continue reading

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Appliance Trouble Linkdump

I haven’t been blogging for the past few days, because I had some appliance trouble at home that limited by internet time. This will take a few more days to resolve, so blogging should be light over the next week … Continue reading

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A real life vampire, the resurrection of the gothic and two great artists remembered

I’m not feeling too hot today. It’s either the weather or there was something wonky about the Tofu burger or the dusty bottle of African style ketchup I had with it last night. My latest e-book still isn’t up at … Continue reading

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It’s never just one thing

By now Amazon’s Kindle Direct bookshelf actually lists my latest e-book as “live”, but it still doesn’t exist in the store. Apparently, Amazon is tinkering with the publishing platform, because a lot of people are reporting problems. For a while, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it just hits a bit too close to home

The phone system is working again – at least for now. There was no exterior intervention, it just suddenly worked again. However, I’m still having online trouble such as getting assigned weird IP addresses. Plus, I cannot access certain sites … Continue reading

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Phone Trouble

I was away for most of today and when I got home, I found that the phone system had broken down and stubbornly refuses all repair attempts. The phone system won’t even connect to my laptop. The internet is still … Continue reading

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A Pentecost Linkdump

Today is Pentecost or Whitsun weekend, which is a public holiday in Germany. Well, tomorrow, i.e. Monday is a public holiday and those of us working in school like yours truly get Tuesday off as well. So hurray for a … Continue reading

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Brief Update from Ireland

Just a brief post to let you know that I arrived safely in Dublin yesterday. The weather is nice and sunny, much better than at the Royal Wedding apparently. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi is only available in the hotel lobby. What is … Continue reading

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