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Snow is Gone and Back Again Linkdump

Winter is in full swing here in North Germany. On Friday night, the temperatures dropped to minus 9° Celsius, Saturday night we got heavy snowfalls, so heavy that the two little girls who live in the house across the road … Continue reading

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The Perils of Omniscient Narration

Discovering halfway through a short story that your omniscient narrator has problems taking your heroine completely seriously is certainly a new writing challenge. On the other hand, she is ever so slightly hysterical. Of course, I probably shouldn’t write omniscient … Continue reading

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The link between the Occupy movement and V for Vendetta or Downton Abbey respectively – and some other stuff

I have come across a lot of interesting links of late, so here is a linkdump:

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Point of view, the T-V distinction and the Ingeborg Bachmann prize

This is the post I had drafted and intended to post yesterday, before that Strunk and White business diverted my attention. It is long and full of technical details regarding linguistics, narrative perspective and contemporary German literature: The 2011 Ingeborg … Continue reading

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Writing Links for the Weekend

I came across some really good writing posts and articles of late, so have some links:

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