Snow 2015

This morning, we had our first real snow of the winter, about two centimetres. It supposedly won’t last long, but it looked quite pretty. Shovelling it away was quite tiring though.

I wish I could go hiking today, but I don’t have the time. Maybe tomorrow, if we still have snow by then.

Meanwhile, enjoy these snowy photos I took in my neighbourhood:


Snow covered oak tree, meadow, neighbour houses and brand new garage.

Snowy street

Looking up my street.

Snowy street

Looking down my street. In the distance, you can see a neighbour shovelling snow.

Snowy house

Snowy driveway and neighbour house. The man living in that house eyed my camera quite suspiciously. He’s one of those people who always think the world is out to rob them.

Snowy street

Snowy driveway, mailbox, street and the butt-ugly houses they built across the road.

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