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Seasonal Views of Vechta

Yesterday was my last day at the university for 2013 and it was at least partly consumed by trying to place the last remaining students for their teaching internships in February. Though I also found the time to attend the … Continue reading

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Saint Barbara Day Linkdump

December 4 is the feast day of Saint Barbara, a martyred virgin and Catholic saint. It’s the only saint feast day that I – not being Catholic – can name without looking it up*, partly because my Mom’s first name … Continue reading

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Problematic content in English textbooks used at German schools

In the course of the teacher training class I currently teach at the University of Vechta, we looked at English textbooks used at German schools. Now textbooks have gotten a lot better since my day, when we sometimes had books … Continue reading

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Posting from the University

Just testing whether I can post from the university, now my office computer is actually online (WiFi reception is crappy in my office). Anyway, I already had a class this morning and I have another this afternoon. For lunch, I … Continue reading

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Vechta Photos: Roadside Views

As I mentioned before, I am teaching two classes at the University of Vechta this winter semester. Classes started two weeks ago, which partly accounts for the relative lack of blogging, because class preparation takes up quite a bit of … Continue reading

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Why Plagiarism is a Big Deal

Today, I was at a family birthday dinner. On the plus side, I got to spend some time with a family member in a difficult situation and had an excellent meal of antipasti, pasta with creamy vegetable tomato sauce and … Continue reading

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The many different ways of getting inspiration

Today I came across two very interesting posts about writers and inspiration: Here is a post on visual inspiration and character specific colour palettes from Paperback Writer. And here SF writer writer Adam Israel describes how he uses tarot cards … Continue reading

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