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Snow by Day

After yesterday’s nocturnal snow with “ghost” photos, here are some photos of snow by day, since it turned out that the snow stuck around. In fact, there’s even more of it now, since it kept snowing intermittently throughout the day. … Continue reading

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Snow, Crafts and Cora photographs a Ghost

Winter returned over the past few days and we also had some more snow tonight. So I took some photos, which was a tad difficult, since it was already dark. Still, I got some interesting results and even captured a … Continue reading

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2013 Oscar Nominations and some SFF Links

The 2013 Academy Award nominations have been announced and once again I am completely underwhelmed by the nominees. The only film I actually care for and am happy to see nominated is Beasts of the Southern Wild. Not that it … Continue reading

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Art versus Commerce or Selling Out

Apparently, the hot topic du jour in the online SFF sphere these days is selling out. As far as I can tell, the whole discussion was kicked off by Paolo Bacigalupi and a bunch of other SFF writers on Twitter. … Continue reading

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Wulff news and some miscellanous links

Remember Christian Wulff, former German president who was forced to resign last year after a very underwhelming scandal involving an unremarkable house in a suburb of Hannover, a free Skoda and holidays on the island of Sylt paid for by … Continue reading

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The Hobbit – Reenacted by Christmas Tree Ornaments

Like most everybody else in the geekosphere, my mind was very much on The Hobbit during this recent holiday season. And while decorating the Christmas tree (photos of the result are here), I noticed that we had a whole lot … Continue reading

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Tidbits from Elsewhere

I’ve been blogging at my other two blogs today. At Pegasus Pulp, I compare my experiences ordering print books from Amazon and its German competitor Thalia. So far Amazon wins hands down. And at the ABC Buhlert site, I discuss … Continue reading

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Reflections on the Lower Saxony State Elections and some SF Links

First of all, my internet still works. Well, sort of, at any rate. For at the moment I can only access the Internet via my laptop and netbook and not via my dsktop PC. That requires a fix that will … Continue reading

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Three Links and Two Plugs

I’m still here for now. The big (or not so big) switchover will happen later today. I hope there won’t be any service interruptions here, though I managed to get the year’s first two translation jobs out of the door … Continue reading

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First Linkdump of the New Year

First of all, my internet provider is switching me over to a faster connection this Friday. I don’t know how smooth that switchover will be, so don’t be alarmed if I go offline for a few days. And now for … Continue reading

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