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Genre versus Literary Fiction, Round 715

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again, for we’re having our semi-annual genre versus literary fiction debate. Oh yes, and science fiction is still dying of exhaustion as well, though that’s material for another post. This time around, the … Continue reading

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The New Yorker does SF, Doctor Who does the Olympics, a rightwing thinktank does Game of Thrones – all that and the German fixed book price agreement, too

As already reported, we’re having our annual speculative versus literary fiction discussion, courtesy of The New Yorker, which has designated its current issue “the science fiction issue”. According to the table of contents, “science fiction issue” means a mix of … Continue reading

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Pentecost Monday Linkdump

It’s the long Pentecost/Whitsun weekend in Germany and the long Memorial Day weekend in the US, plus plenty of people seem to be at some con or another, so the Internet has been a bit quiet of late. Nonetheless, I … Continue reading

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An Interview with Cora and a frosty linkdump

Tonight is shaping up to be the coldest night yet ever since the extreme frost period began more than a week ago with temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius. I already got out my flannel pyjamas and ultra-warm fluffy socks … Continue reading

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More on the Reviews Dust-up

Yesterday’s post on genders and reviews got quite a bit of attention. So here are a couple of addenda to the Strange Horizons/A Theft of Swords part of the discussion: Send to Kindle

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Stormy December Linkdump

At SF Signal, Daniel Abraham has written a letter from genre to mainstream. Quite amusing, even if it does read like a letter from a stalkerish ex-boyfriend. On a related note, at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books there is an interesting … Continue reading

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A local author done good, a plagiarist speaks out, Scalzi on literary snobs and the problems with classic and modern SF

The local newspaper Weser Kurier profiles Bremen writer Corinna Gerhards whose children’s book Mondläufer debuts today. I met Corinna in the creative writing workshop at Bremen university. I couldn’t find an Amazon link for Mondläufer, so here is the publisher’s … Continue reading

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Linkdump for my Grandpa’s Birthday

Today is my grandpa’s birthday. He would have been 102. I still remember his birthday almost thirty years after he died, because when we went to visit my grandpa for his birthday, my cousins and I always got a chocolate … Continue reading

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The link between the Occupy movement and V for Vendetta or Downton Abbey respectively – and some other stuff

I have come across a lot of interesting links of late, so here is a linkdump: Send to Kindle

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We are all pornographers now

Apparently, it’s that time of the year again. Time for another go-around of the eternal fight of literary versus genre fiction, cheered on as usual by critics rather than writers. In the past few weeks, Zone One by Colson Whitehead, … Continue reading

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