My Story “We need to talk…” is Now Available at the Simultaneous Times Podcast

Simultaneous Times episode 42

If you’re in the mood for some audio fiction, you can now listen to my humorous science fiction story “We need to talk…” in episode 42 of the Simultaneous Times podcast along with “Absolution” by Douglas A. Blanc and “Control Voice Blues (with apologies to The Outer Limits)” by Jean-Paul L. Garnier.

Simultaneous Times is a fiction podcast produced by my friends of Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore in Joshua Tree, California. Space Cowboy Books recently reopened for in-person business after more than a year of pandemic enforced closure. So if you’re in the area, pay them a visit and pick up some books.

“We need to talk…” was first published in my collection Bug-Eyed Monsters and the Women Who Love Them and is about a young woman trying to explain to the bug-eyed monster who abducted her that this relationship has no future.

The story is read by Zara Kand – the narrator is a woman, so this one really needs a female voice – with music by Phog Masheen.

Anyway, give it a listen and also make sure to listen to Douglas A. Blanc’s and Jean-Paul Garnier’s stories as well. You can listen on podomatic or right here:

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