New Podcast Story Available at Simultaneous Times: “Patient X-5”

Simultaneous Times podcast episode 32
Well, I told you that there would be more new release announcements in the near future and here is one for the audio fiction fans among you. Because the latest episode of the Simultaneous Times podcast includes my story “Patient X-5” as well as “Trial in Majority” by Andy Dibble. Simultaneous Times is a fiction podcast produced by Space Cowboy Books, a science fiction bookstore in Joshua Tree, California.

“Patient X-5” is another story to result from the July Short Story Challenge and the first of my stories ever to make it to audio. The story is narrated by Jean-Paul Garnier and Zara Kand with music by Phog Masheen. It’s a great production that really brings the story to life. I particularly like the sound effects for the movements and voice of Patient X-5, “Whirr” to their friends.

You can listen to the episode on podomatic or Apple iTunes or the various other apps where podcasts may be found.

You can also listen right here:

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