Photos: Wangerland in East Friesia

Easter Monday is a public holiday here in Germany. And since the weather was a bit cold, but otherwise nice, we decided to go on an outing to the East Friesian North Sea coast to visit the municipality of Wangerland.

I also took my camera – well, only my smartphone camera, since I forgot to charge my proper camera – along, so here are some photos. Ships, fish, random wood paths and windmills. East Friesia borders on the Netherlands, so you can find quite a few windmills here.

Stumpens windmill

The windmill in Stumpens near the village of Horumersiel. Originally built in 1816, it houses a café nowadays.

Stumpens windmill

Another look at the windmill in Stumpens near Horumersiel.

Stumpens windmill

A close-up look at the top of the windmill in Stumpens. Note the gallery, which was included to facilitate maintenance work.

Osternburg windmill

This windmill is not in East Friesia, but in Osternburg near Oldenburg. Unlike the Stumpens windmill, the Osternburg mill was reconstructued according to historical blueprints and is actually less than twenty years old. It houses a restaurant and boutique hotel.

Road through the forest

A country road passes through a forest near Kirchhatten near Oldenburg.

Wood path near Kirchhatten

A wood path near Kirchhatten near Oldenburg.

Wilhemshaven destroyer Möldens

The “Möldens”, a decommissioned destroyer of the West German navy that now serves as an exhibit of the navy museum in Wilhelmshaven. Wihelmshaven has been one of the main ports of the German navy since the days of the second German empire. Even today, half of the buildings in the harbour either belong to the navy or used to belong to it.

Here is the homepage of the German Navy Museum in Wilhelmshaven and here is the Wikipedia entry for the destroyer Mölders.

We also had lunch at favourite restaurant of ours, “Die Brücke” (The Bridge) in the village of Hooksiel, a seafood restaurant which also smokes its own fish.

"Die Brücke" in Hooksiel

The restaurant “Die Brücke” (The Bridge) in the village of Hooksiel.

Rosefish and zander with lobster sauce

Here’s my lunch: A so-called sluicegate keeper’s platter, consisting of filet of rosefish and filet of zander with lobster sauce and grey shrimp.

Matjes housewife style

Lunch (not mine): Matjes (Dutch salted herring) housewife style, which means served with a sour cream sauce with apples, onions and dill.

Here is the recipe for Matjes, housewife style, BTW.

Eggs Kejriwal

Finally, this is something I made for dinner yesterday: Eggs Kejriwal

I found the recipe for Eggs Kejriwal, an egg and cheese sandwich originally served at a country club in Mumbai, here. It sounded tasty, so I wanted to try it out and Easter was the perfect excuse. It doesn’t look as pretty as in the recipe, but it was very tasty.

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