New Fantasy Story Available: Kiss of Ice

I’ve said before that I’d have a couple of promo posts and new book announcements coming up in the run-up to Christmas and here is the second of them.

This announcement is for Kiss of Ice, a dark and wintery fairy tale. At any rate, it’s quite dark for a fairy tale by American standards, for when compared to the original undisneyfied Grimm’s fairy tales or Hnas Christian Andersen’s, it does not seem all that dark.

Kiss of Ice is what we call a “Kunstmärchen” in German, i.e. a story written in the style of a fairy tale that can be attributed to a specific author. For example, Hans Christian Andersen and Wilhelm Hauff were both authors of “Kunstmärchen”.

The counterpart of the “Kunstmärchen” is the “Volkmärchen”, i.e. the fairy tale that is a genuine folktale not attributable to any specific author. The fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault or Ludwig Bechstein fall into this category.

For some reason, the English speaking world does not make the distinction between “Kunstmärchen” und “Volksmärchen”, to the point that there is no equivalent word to “Kunstmärchen”. I have no idea why this distinction does not exist in the English speaking world, since it is so immensely useful.

Anyway, here is the story:

Kiss of Ice
Kiss of Ice by Cora BuhlertThe Winter Knight is sent out to execute the Ice Maiden who has already killed countless men. So far, none of those sent to bring the Maiden to justice have ever returned. But the Knight is confident that he will succeed where they failed, for he is protected by powerful magic.

When the Winter Knight finally reaches the castle of the Ice Maiden, she is strangely calm in the face of death and does not even try to resist. But has the Winter Knight truly succeeded where so many before him have failed or does the Ice Maiden still have a trick or two up her sleeve?


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Length: 4700 words
List price: 0.99 USD, EUR or GBP
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