New Collection Available: Southern Monsters

Yes, I know that the US is electing a new president tomorrow (actually today, where I am), but elsewhere the world is still spinning on and I have a new release to announce.

It’s another collection of stories to come out of the 2016 July short story challenge. One thing I have noticed during the two July short story challenges I did so far is that certain themes seem to emerge. And for the 2016 challenge, one of those themes was stories about monsters in the Louisiana bayous.

Now stories about monsters in the Louisiana bayous might seem like an odd thing for someone from Germany to write. However, at the age of five I spent almost a year living in Biloxi, Mississippi, because my Dad had a job there, overseeing the building of some ships. I talk a bit more about that in the Afterword/Author’s Note of Southern Monsters.

The time spent on the US Gulf Coast certainly had an impact on me and like everything that was important to me at some point in my life, it sometimes comes out in my writing. And during the July short story challenge, it did.

So if you need some relief from the ongoing election circus, why don’t you pick up Southern Monsters?

Southern Monsters
Southern MonstersThree tales of monsters and terror in the Louisiana bayous.

When a young bride goes missing on her wedding day in Acadiana, the locals blame the Terror, the legendary monster that stalks the Crimson Bayou.
Remy Theriault does not believe in the Terror and he’s pretty sure the bride has done a runner. But the groom is his cousin and family is family. So Remy goes out to look for the runaway bride, only to find that sometimes, the old legends are true…

When their car crashes into the bayou on a dark Louisiana night, the swamp creature known only as Big Puffball might just be one family’s salvation…

When fishing boats go missing on the Mississippi River Delta, few people link these disappearances to the mysterious light that lit up the Louisiana sky only weeks before. But an astronomer from Tulane University makes the connection and discovers the horror that is the sphere that ate the Mississippi delta.

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Length: 7700 words
List price: 0.99 USD, EUR or GBP
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