In Helsinki

I made it safely to Helsinki.

From what I’ve seen so far, it’s a lovely city with lots of stunning art noveau buildings, which is great for me, because I love art noveau. Even my hotel is an art noveau building, a converted warehouse by the harbourfront originally built in 1910. It’s directly opposite the ferry terminal. From my room window, I can see the ferries.

Photos will have to wait, because my aging netbook is too slow for that, though I’ll be tweeting some pics through the day via my smartphone.

Worldcon 75 doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I already spotted at least four folks clearly headed there in the plane from Amsterdam to Helsinki. The “Helsinki in 2017” shirt was a dead giveaway, as were the t-shirts from various other cons.

Meanwhile, half my Twitter timeline already made it to Helsinki or is currently somewhere en route.

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