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Seasonal Views of Bremen, 2013

I already posted some seasonal images of Bremen’s Christmas markets as well as of the famous architectural monument Böttcherstraße last year. However, I found myself in Bremen today and since I had my camera, I took some more photos. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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An Anthology and an Interview

I already mentioned several times that there would be more announcements coming in the next few days and here is another, because I had a short story accepted for an upcoming charity anthology. The anthology will be called Something For … Continue reading

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New German short story available – Neue Kurzgeschichte auf Deutsch erhältlich: Die Liebe in den Zeiten des Frischkornmüslis

I told you that there would be more new release announcements in the time leading up to the holidays and here is another, this time for the German edition of Love in the Times of the Macrobiotic Müsli. In case … Continue reading

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The latest on diversity in genre fiction and other mixed links

The monster winter storm Xaver has retreated to more easterly shores and is currently annoying Finland, Sweden and the three Baltic States. However, Xaver or rather the snow and hail he brought us thoroughly messed up St. Nicholas Day before … Continue reading

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Storm Xaver Update

We’re still getting wind surges, but in general it is getting more quiet outside. But then, the biggest danger of the massive winter storm Xaver is not the wind (though that’s bad enough) but the flood waters the storm is … Continue reading

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The X-storm: Xaver hits North Germany

Xaver, the disastrous winter storm has already killed one man in Scotland and is about to hit the German coast. In the Netherlands, they have closed the massive flood barriers protecting the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Hamburg has closed … Continue reading

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Saint Barbara Day Linkdump

December 4 is the feast day of Saint Barbara, a martyred virgin and Catholic saint. It’s the only saint feast day that I – not being Catholic – can name without looking it up*, partly because my Mom’s first name … Continue reading

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Diversity, Mirrors and Narcissism

The offensive and debate sparking post of the week comes once again courtesy of Amazing Stories, where Felicity Savage somehow manages to link the current fashion for so-called “selfies”, i.e. self-portraits usually taken with cellphone cameras, to the call for … Continue reading

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Bundle up with Speculative Fiction Bundles at DriveThruFiction

One thing I like about DriveThruFiction, a small speculative fiction and RPG focussed e-book retailer, is the ability to create bundles of several e-books at a reduced price. I currently have two bundles available at DriveThruFiction, the Arr, Matey! Pirate … Continue reading

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