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The Other Anniversary

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will have heard ad nauseum that April 15, 2012, is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RSS Titanic after striking an iceberg. What is more, you’ll probably have watched some … Continue reading

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Treasures from the Trunk: Resurrecting Dead Stories

Crossposted to Pegasus Pulp. One of the best things about going indie is that it has made writing a lot more fun again, because it means that I am not constantly worrying about whether there is a market for any … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Photos Part 4: Scenery

For the final part of my Yorkshire photo posts, I offer a couple of scenery and nature shots, mostly taken from train windows. Enjoy! Send to Kindle

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Help – The Spam Bots are taking over

Like every blog owner, I get a fair amount of comment spam. Site visitors almost never see it, but unfortunately I have to skim it, because occasionally a legitimate comment ends up in the spam bucket. So I’ve seen a … Continue reading

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Not a New Story but a New Cover and Title: Courier Duty

I’ve revamped the short story formerly known as Shape No. 8, because it steadfastly refused to sell even a single copy in six months in its previous form. I strongly suspect that the original cover (which you can see here) … Continue reading

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Easter Monday Link Round-up

Here in Germany, today was a public holiday and rather slow. Nonetheless, Easter Monday is a work day in the US. Besides, there were at least two big conventions this weekend, so the internet didn’t go into holiday mode. The … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Photos Part 3: Harrogate – with bonus Eurovision 1982 clips

Harrogate, a historical spa town in North Yorkshire, is less well known than York or Leeds, but very beautiful and well worth a visit. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was the Northern rival to Bath (and is mentioned … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 2012 Hugo Awards Nominations

The nominations for the 2012 Hugo Awards have been announced just in time for Easter with lots of “What the fuck?” nominations mixed in with the good choices. First of all, the good thing is that there are women nominees … Continue reading

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Good Friday Links

I’m taking a day off from the photo posts, because I just spent quite a bit of time finishing the first draft of a short story. So instead of Yorkshire photos, you get a bunch of (hopefully interesting) links: Send … Continue reading

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Yorkshire Photos 2: York

While Leeds was a bit underwhelming with its unabashed love for highrise buildings, York was more like it. A medieval city located on a spot inhabited since pre-Roman times with Britain’s largest gothic cathedral and narrow streets lined with timbered … Continue reading

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