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TV Retro Sexism

At the New York Times, Maureen Dowd wonders about the relative glut of retro-themed TV shows set at the uncool end of the 1960s, i.e. 1960 to approx. 1967. Maureen Dowd sees two interconnected reasons for commissioning new TV shows … Continue reading

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Awards and Elections – and some Analysis

The ankle is still swollen but otherwise much better. At any rate, I can walk almost normally, though I’m still careful about stairs, particularly when carrying things up and down the stairs. Otherwise, this weekend was the weekend for awards, … Continue reading

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The New York Times has odd ideas about indie publishing

While getting some wine from the cellar, I slipped and sprained my ankle (luckily before I had gotten the wine or there would have been a mess as well). Yeah, in the real world ankles aren’t sprained while being chased … Continue reading

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Non-Postapocalyptic Links

Since the Apocalypse was canceled, here are two links to keep you occupied: Dean Wesley Smith slays another sacred cow of publishing, namely the myth about killing one’s career. There’s a profile of one of my translation clients in the … Continue reading

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Where’s my Apocalypse?

Okay, so the predicted Apocalypse failed to materialize like all other predicted apocalypses in the history of the world so far. Though this particular predicted Apocalypse was just a dress rehearsal for the much more publicized Mayan influenced Apocalypse that … Continue reading

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Last Chance before the Apocalypse Links

I had a really shitty day. My students acted up (well, some of them) and I had to reprimand the same girl first for talking on her cellphone in class and getting stinky when I asked her to stop and … Continue reading

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Tired Linkdump

I’m really tired today and not in the mood for a longer post, but here is a linkdump: Theodora Goss has two lovely posts about reading protocols and finding or rather rediscovering the joy in writing. The Independent asks: Is … Continue reading

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2011 – A Stats Oddity

I saw my stats go up sharply yesterday and in addition to the daily traffic of Middle Eastern people googling for “Tarzan sex” (I honestly wonder what the cultural explanation behind people from the Middle East googling for “Tarzan sex” … Continue reading

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Space opera and the latest round in the forty year genre war

It seems to be the week for science fiction discussions, because I found a few more: Dave Trowbridge tries to explain the appeal of space opera via Albrecht Altdorfer’s 1528 painting Alexanderschlacht. Found via Sherwood Smith. Send to Kindle

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Political Plagiarism Domino

We have another suspected case of plagiarism involving a German politician. They’re really coming hard and fast at the moment. This time around, the politician under suspicion of plagiarism is Jorgo Chatzimarkakis, a Greek-German member of the European parliament for … Continue reading

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