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Time Travel and Gender

Back in July, Anna Smith asked at The Guardian “Why can’t women time travel?” and laments that mainstream time travel movies almost always feature male protagonists. My initial reaction to that article was: But women do time travel. There are … Continue reading

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School is out linkdump – and a riff on endings

Today was the last day of school before the winter holiday and therefore the last day of school for this year. I watched The Sarah Jane Adventures with my fifth graders, who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Lots of discussion both about … Continue reading

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Chavs, Reality TV and Class Prejudice

A few days ago, I linked to this discussion of the British slang term “chav” at the Guardian. Now the Guardian has a follow-up article, in which Suzanne Moore says that it’s not the term “chav” itself that’s the problem … Continue reading

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TV Retro Sexism

At the New York Times, Maureen Dowd wonders about the relative glut of retro-themed TV shows set at the uncool end of the 1960s, i.e. 1960 to approx. 1967. Maureen Dowd sees two interconnected reasons for commissioning new TV shows … Continue reading

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Ruminations on Mad Men

There have been at least two article of late where a writer explains why he doesn’t like the 1960s advertising industry drama Mad Men. Here’s

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“But she can’t live there” – Cultural Assumptions and Kids

Yesterday was a pretty good if busy day. Last night, I attended the monthly translators’ meet-up at Leo’s Restaurant. I had pasta with spicy tuna sauce, red wine and Italian hot chocolate (hot chocolate with a dash of amaretto) not … Continue reading

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