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The Problem of Online Harrassment

John Scalzi, bless him, addresses the subject that women blogger often get a lot more abusive comments and e-mails than male bloggers of a similar visibility, based on this post by food blogger Shauna James Ahern, in which she discusses … Continue reading

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No, Criminal Minds, no!

So I watched the first episode of the Criminal Minds spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior last night along with a fifth season episode of the original. Now I mainly watch crime dramas or police procedurals, as we’re apparently calling them … Continue reading

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Supernatural miracle pregnancies and the hatred of pregnant women

Feminist Frequency has a video essay on the supernatural miracle pregnancy, which has to be one of my most hated fantasy and SF tropes ever. Careful, the video may be triggering. At least it was for me. Found via Jay … Continue reading

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