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Et tu, Lara Croft – The Rape of an Icon

The gamer site Kotaku has an interview with the producer of a new Lara Croft game that will apparently be a reboot of the Tomb Raider series. Now I haven’t played a videogame in ten years, probably more, so I … Continue reading

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Cora is feeling contrarian

It’s manifesto time again, for Scott Nicolay has posted his Dogme 2011 for Weird Fiction at Weird Fiction Review. I don’t agree with him, but then I never agree with manifestos. They make me feel contrarian. Besides, I have issues … Continue reading

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Depressing News and an Inspirational Documentary

I’m still troubled by the UK riots (because it’s not just London anymore), though I have been in e-mail contact with someone I know from my time as a student in North West London who told me that at least … Continue reading

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Stop this shit!

I’m very troubled by the London riots, especially since the rioting has now spread to Harlesden, the North-West London neighbourhood where I used to live as a student in the 1990s. I’m pretty sure I know the shop that the … Continue reading

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The increasing darkness of popular culture

While scanning the headlines at Tor.com, I came across this review of the first book in a new gritty fantasy trilogy starring a 14-year-old murderous sociopath. Now I haven’t read the book nor am I likely to read it. I … Continue reading

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Three things that piss me off and one laugh

First of all, this blog is now syndicated to my Amazon.com author page. Besides, I’m busy getting the next Pegasus Pulp e-novella ready for publication, so instead of a longer post, here just a short list of things that piss … Continue reading

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Supernatural miracle pregnancies and the hatred of pregnant women

Feminist Frequency has a video essay on the supernatural miracle pregnancy, which has to be one of my most hated fantasy and SF tropes ever. Careful, the video may be triggering. At least it was for me. Found via Jay … Continue reading

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I’m really bloody sick of cake

Yesterday afternoon, I had to go to family birthday with coffee, tea and cake. These occasions are always stressful and tiring for me, because I am an introvert, so being with other people is tiring for me, even if I … Continue reading

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The infinite cluelessness of the news media, Harry Potter, Star Wars and some writing links

Yesterday I posted how infuriating I find it that all those self-styled experts immediately jumped to conclusions that the horrific terrorist attacks in Norway had an islamist background, especially since it turned out that the killer was a muslim-hating, rightwing, … Continue reading

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Dog Day Disasters – and a Linkdump

We’re in the middle of the so-called dog days, i.e. the hottest and most unpleasant days of summer, ruled by Sirius, the dog star. Of course, this year it’s not hot at all, at least in Germany. Today, the highest … Continue reading

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