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Twilight, Religion and Misogyny

At The Hooded Utilitarian, there is a fascinating essay by Mette Ivie Harrison, herself a Mormon writer of YA fantasy, about how Twilight relates to Mormon beliefs. Found via Sherwood Smith, where she also shares some observations made during a … Continue reading

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Cora goes to Osnabrück and discovers a new genre name

I’ve been absent for three days now, because it’s been a busy week. Besides, I took the day off on Wednesday to take the train to Osnabrück, a city approximately 120 kilometers to the southwest of Bremen. I really like … Continue reading

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Cora cracks the Spanish market and paranormal romance sex excuses

Yeah, so the post title is search engine bait, but it’s actually accurate. The German national team made it into the Euro 2012 quarter finals tonight after beating Denmark 2:1 in a not very good game. I actually got bored … Continue reading

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Lover Misshelved

Yesterday, I went to Bremen with my Mom to buy some of those things you can only get in the city centre. It was still unpleasantly hot and I hate going out when it’s hot, but unfortunately I no longer … Continue reading

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How to dispose of German politicians, the craziest football match of the year and some writing and genre links

This is how we dispose of politicians in Lower Saxony: David McAllister, minister president of Lower Saxony (in case anybody is wondering about the name, McAllister’s parents are Scottish), and much of his cabinet went for a ride in a … Continue reading

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Dracula, urban fantasy clichés, vampiric Playboy bunnies and some birthday photos

April 20, 2012 is the centenary of Bram Stoker’s death, so the culture pages and programs are filled with a lot of discussions of vampires in general and Dracula in particular – because most people have never heard of Stoker’s … Continue reading

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Paranormal Romance and the Alpha Male

At All About Romance, Lynn Spencer wonders whether heroes in paranormal romance are given a pass for controlling, stalkerish and sometimes outright violent behaviour towards their heroines that readers would not tolerate in historical or contemporary romances. Now I have … Continue reading

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Who is afraid of the sparkly vampire?

At the Guardian, Stuart Heritage complains that vampires, werewolves and zombies just plain aren’t scary anymore and blames Twilight. The list of complaints are things we’ve all heard a thousand times before. Vampires and werewolves are no longer scary these … Continue reading

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Stormy December Linkdump

At SF Signal, Daniel Abraham has written a letter from genre to mainstream. Quite amusing, even if it does read like a letter from a stalkerish ex-boyfriend. On a related note, at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books there is an interesting … Continue reading

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Two Quick Links for an Advent Sunday

Good news: Two more of the missing Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s have been found, namely episode 3 of the first Doctor story Galaxy Four, a story which was completely lost except for a brief clip, and episode 2 … Continue reading

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