Cora is in the News Again

I was in the local paper Weser Kurier yesterday. Alexandra Penth interviewed me about my Hugo win and wrote a great article about it.

You can read the article here, though it is behind a paywall, unless you’re a subscriber to the paper. However, even with the paywall, you can see the photo that photographer Tammo Ernst took of me very carefully hugging my Hugo trophy, so the loose backing piece won’t fall off.

Here is a photo of the article in the actual print newspaper:

Weser-Kurier article from October 12, 2022

I was also a news item in the September edition of the alumni newsletter of the University of Bremen. Usually, they are more interested in alumni becoming CEOs, politicians or leading scientists (and we have a couple of those, but we also have a few actors, a prominent rapper and a sailing champion), but I am the only University of Bremen alumna to ever win a Hugo, so I rate a mention.

Finally, I completely missed this shout-out on the website of Wyngraf Magazine of Cozy Fantasy, who have been kind enough to publish some of my flash stories. Issue 2 of Wyngraf Magazine is up for pre-order BTW, so check it out!

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