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Cora is in the News Again

I was in the local paper Weser Kurier yesterday. Alexandra Penth interviewed me about my Hugo win and wrote a great article about it. You can read the article here, though it is behind a paywall, unless you’re a subscriber … Continue reading

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Busy with something else linkdump

I’ve been hard at work preparing the next Pegasus Pulp e-book for publication. This time around, it’s the first of several stories and novellas I wrote about the Silencer, a masked vigilante in the tradition of the pulp mags of … Continue reading

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The infinite cluelessness of the news media, Harry Potter, Star Wars and some writing links

Yesterday I posted how infuriating I find it that all those self-styled experts immediately jumped to conclusions that the horrific terrorist attacks in Norway had an islamist background, especially since it turned out that the killer was a muslim-hating, rightwing, … Continue reading

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Dog Day Disasters – and a Linkdump

We’re in the middle of the so-called dog days, i.e. the hottest and most unpleasant days of summer, ruled by Sirius, the dog star. Of course, this year it’s not hot at all, at least in Germany. Today, the highest … Continue reading

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Another Political Plagiarist, Bestsellers and Pulp Surrealism

We have another case of suspected plagiarism involving a German politician. This time the suspected plagiarist is Bernd Althusmann, secretary of culture and education in Lower Saxony and president of the conference of German state secretaries of education. Since I … Continue reading

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YA goes dark, Salman Rushdie goes TV, Haruki Murakami goes anti-nuclear, some thoughts on urban fantasy and a headline from a parallel universe

The long Pentecost/Whitsun weekend, though I still have one more day of school holidays. I also have links for you: Yesterday, an airship, more precisely the Goodyear blimp, caught fire and crashed in Hessen. This would seem like a news … Continue reading

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Bad news from Germany, the British class system, the invisibility of women in SF and some indie publishing

The world and the internet seem to have woken up just in time for the next public holiday to hit us on Thursday. Lots of stuff happened, so here is a linkdump: I am saddened by the outcome of the … Continue reading

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Headline of the Day

Who could resist clicking on a headline like ‘Sea Monster’ Discovered Beneath Brooklyn Bridge? Not me certainly. Of course, the article is from the Fox News website, so it’s to be taken with several grains of salt. Plus, the alleged … Continue reading

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Random Observations about Doctor Who and Downton Abbey

Great. I’m out of the loop for a few days and the world goes crazy. Now Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US Navy Seals. Very unexpected news which will hopefully provide a boost for Barack Obama. Back to … Continue reading

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A killer is captured, politicians plagiarise and the soap opera is dying

I have got a couple of mixed news links for today, two serious and one not so much. The good news first: The paedophile serial killer who killed at least three young boys in North Germany in the past twenty … Continue reading

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