First Snow of the New Year 2016

After an exceptionally mild December, we are currently experiencing a cold spell. And last night, it did not just get cold, it also began to snow. Over the day, the snowfall only increased.

I would have loved to go hiking in the snowy woods, but I didn’t have the time for that today. Though I did forego watching the umpteenth rerun of NCIS to take a walk around the neighbourhood this evening.

I also took some photos of the first snow of the year and here they are:

Snowy night

A somewhat moody early morning shot of the neighbour house with lit windows.

Snowy neighbour house

The same view as above, only by daylight and after more snowfall.

Snowy garden

A look out across the snowy yard and back garden. Note the snowdrifts formed by the heavy wind.

Department store mannequin

Else, a department store mannequin I bought at a going out of business sale a few years ago, is looking pensively out at the snow.

Snowy star

A shiny star ornament in the window with the snow seen behind it outside.

Black hellebore

Black hellebore a.k.a. Christmas rose in full bloom. This was taken on New Year’s Day before the snow came.

Black hellebore

And another shot of the black hellebore plant in full bloom.

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2 Responses to First Snow of the New Year 2016

  1. Nice little snowfall you had, Cora. Glad you got to photograph it.

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