Photos: Heiligenrode and Spring Flowers

Due to several warm and sunny days in March, spring is currently in full bloom here in North Germany, so it’s time for some spring flower pictures.

What is more, the long Easter weekend also caused massive traffic jams on all the highways in the area. Therefore, on Thursday afternoon, while I was on the way back from Oldenburg, I found myself forced to leave the highway and make my way home via smaller country roads. I chanced to come through the village of Heiligenrode and stopped for a cup of ice cream.

The village of Heiligenrode is more than 800 years old and was once home to a benedictine abbey, which was founded in 1182. The nuns are long gone, but the old abbey church is still there as is the so-called abbey mill, a restored water mill. I’ve been in Heiligenrode dozens of times, since I live only five kilometres away. But while I was enjoying my ice cream, I suddenly realised that I had never actually taken any photos of the village and promptly proceeded to remedy that.

So here are some photos of the Heiligenrode abbey mill, the Klosterbach a.k.a. the Varreler Bäke and the so-called Mühlteich (mill pond):

Timbered farm house

Traditional timbered farmhouse in Heiligenrode. Note the inscription above the door.

Heiligenrode water mill

The Heiligenrode water mill. This building houses the actual mill – the miller used to live next door – and was built in 1843. However, there has been a water mill at this spot since the 16th century.

Heiligenrode water mill

The water wheel of the Heiligenrode mill. The building across the road is the old bakery house.

Heiligenrode water mill wheel

Here is a closer look at the water wheel of the Heiligenrode abbey mill. It’s still functional, too.

Heiligenrode Klosterbach

A look down the Klosterbach, which is known as Varreler Bäke outside Heiligenrode, with the water wheel of the mill in the foreground.

The Klosterbach a.k.a. Varreler Bäke is mentioned in the song “Delmenhorst” by the German band Element of Crime, by the way, as the “brook behind Huchting, which goes into the Ochtum”, since the road B75 crosses it on the way from Bremen to Delmenhorst. It’s a delightful song in general and even better, when driving down B75 towards Delmenhorst (Element of Crime singer Sven Regener is originally from Bremen). Unfortunately, there is only a low quality live version on YouTube.

Heiligenrode Mühlteich

A look across the so-called Mühlteich a.k.a mill pond, which branches out from the Klosterbach. The people in the middle of the pond are not particularly hardy bathers, but an art installation.

Heiligenrode Mühlteich art

A closer look at the art installation “Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein” (Man does not live only of bread) by sculptor Petra Förster.

Heiligerode Mühlteich art

This was supposed to be an even closer look at the art installation in the Mühlteich. Unfortunately, the camera focussed on the leaves instead, but it’s still a great shot.

Here is a close-up photo (not mine) of the art installation and here is the website of artist Petra Förster. Coincidentally, I was present when one of the sculptures was cast as past of a local film group making a documentary about the artist.

Tulips in the garden

Here are some tulips in full bloom in my grden.

Tulips in my garden

A closer look at the tulips in my garden.

Tulips in the garden

More tulips in my garden, this time shot against a brick wall.

Purple flowers

I have no idea what these little purple flowers in my neighbour’s garden are called, but they sure are pretty.

Indian egg curry

Finally, here is today’s lunch, Indian egg curry.

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