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Constantine or when the imitators eclipse the original

We’re living in a strange age where every American comic you ever read, no matter how obscure, is probably going to be a movie or a TV show sooner or later. Want proof? Look at Marvel’s massive line-up of upcoming … Continue reading

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Quick Post on Consistency

I had planned a much longer post for today, but I was busy with something else, so here’s a quick link: Dave Farland a.k.a Dave Wolverton has a great post about the importance of consistency in fiction. Found via Passive … Continue reading

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Where’s my Apocalypse?

Okay, so the predicted Apocalypse failed to materialize like all other predicted apocalypses in the history of the world so far. Though this particular predicted Apocalypse was just a dress rehearsal for the much more publicized Mayan influenced Apocalypse that … Continue reading

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