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Great Christmas short films that are actually German supermarket ads

One thing I’ve noticed is that German TV advertising has gotten a lot better in recent years. Gone are the days of Herr Kaiser, Clementine and – the supreme horror of them all – Frau Sommer. The sexist coffee ads … Continue reading

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More on Amazon’s problematic “Man in the High Castle” ads

For starters, Amazon has agreed to pull its controversial subway ads for its streaming video series based on Philip K. Dick’s novel The Man in the High Castle, after lots of people including a few politicians complained. The video included … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Amazon’s problematic ad campaign for “The Man in the High Castle”

The US genre sphere is currently awash with discussion of new SFF TV and streaming video shows, which makes me quite jealous, since it’s the TV doldrums over here in Germany at the moment. But from my US friends, I … Continue reading

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New Silencer story available: The Great Fraud

Richard Blakemore a.k.a. the Silencer, pulp writer by day and crimefighter by night, is back. His latest adventure is entitled The Great Fraud and was inspired by the weird ads for X-ray specs, sea-monkeys, amazing muscles in only seven days … Continue reading

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