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Some Thoughts on the Hugo Award Finalists, Part I: The 1943 Retro Hugos

So the finalists for the 2018 Hugo Awards and the 1943 Retro Hugo Awards were announced tonight, following some controversy, because the announcement happens to take place not just on Easter Saturday, but also on Passover. Coincidentally, it’s not a … Continue reading

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“USS Callister” and the Successful Mutiny Against Toxic Masculinity

A few days ago, I wrote a lengthy post about the treatment of mavericks and mutineers in recent science fiction, using the characters of Michael Burnham in Star Trek Discovery and Poe Dameron in The Last Jedi as examples (there’s … Continue reading

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2017 Dragon Awards Reactions

I already posted my own reactions to the 2017 Dragon Awards, so here are some reactions from around the web: At Women Write About Comics, Doris V. Sutherland offers a detailed summary and analysis of the 2017 Dragon Awards and … Continue reading

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WorldCon 75 Photos and a Report

Now the extended Hugo commentary is out of the way, here is my WorldCon 75 report with plenty of photos. Many of the photos are already in this video I posted on YouTube, but here you can see them without … Continue reading

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Some More Words about the 2017 Hugo Awards

I already wrote a short 2017 Hugo Awards reaction post on Friday night, but now I’m home here is a longer version: This is an unusual Hugo year for me, for even though we had an excellent Hugo shortlist full … Continue reading

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Some Videos of my WorldCon Adventures

I’m still working on my more detailed Hugo post, but in the meantime, here is a little video I made about my WorldCon adventures. It’s basically a jazzed up slideshow, assembled from some of the photos I took at WorldCon … Continue reading

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Back from Helsinki

I had a great time in Helsinki, both at WorldCon 75 and in the city in general. I got back home yesterday evening and spent most of today unpacking, refilling the fridge, etc… I took lots of photos, both of … Continue reading

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A Very Few Words on the 2017 Hugo Awards

I’m still in Helsinki with a very slow computer and WiFi connection, so this is only a short Hugo reaction post. Detailed analysis will follow sometime next week. Even though I am at WorldCon, I didn’t catch the ceremony in … Continue reading

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A Birthday and a Book Promotion

First of all, there is currently a big multi-author speculative fiction cross promotion going on. Over sixty authors are involved and all books are 99 cents. There is a list of all participating books here and if you scroll down, … Continue reading

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And even more reactions to the 2017 Hugo Finalists

In general, the 2017 Hugo Awards shortlist is less contentious than those of previous years, but were still seeing reactions trickling in. I offered my own take on the 2017 shortlist and also did a round-up of reactions from around … Continue reading

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