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A Good Cause, Women in SF, the Nobel Prize for Literature and Lost Doctor Who Found

I’m a bit tired today, because a quick excursion to pick up a WiFi repeater and some other stuff turned into an extended odyssey thanks to a traffic jam on the highway that forced me into the East Bremen area … Continue reading

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Time Travel and Gender

Back in July, Anna Smith asked at The Guardian “Why can’t women time travel?” and laments that mainstream time travel movies almost always feature male protagonists. My initial reaction to that article was: But women do time travel. There are … Continue reading

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2013 Hugo and Campbell Awards: Get out the popcorn!

The winners of the 2013 Hugo and Campbell Awards have been announced. You may recall that this year’s nominations proved to be unexpectedly controversial, when a bunch of people did not agree with the nominated works and creators at all. … Continue reading

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A Pop Culture Fatigue Themed Linkdump

First of all, I have been interviewed by Brianna Lee McKenzie at The Cozy Corner Reading Room, so come on over and say hello. I’ve also got a round-up of writerly links and plugs over at Pegasus Pulp. iO9 asks … Continue reading

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Rise of the Valeyard

The BBC has announced who will play the Twelfth Doctor and has chosen Scottish actor Peter Capaldi. Now Capaldi is undoubtedly a fine actor and supposedly a fan. Nonetheless, I think it’s a horrible decision. Part of the reason for … Continue reading

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Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

There’ll be more sexism in SF posts and more photos soon, but since this week is really horrible (last week of school will do that to you), here’s just a quick linkdump: First of all, I’ve been interviewed again, this … Continue reading

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Cute Craft Break

If you’ve ever wanted to hug assorted members of the Stark family from Game of Thrones (and considering all the horrible things that happen to them, they could all certainly use a hug, particularly the younger kids), check out these … Continue reading

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“Thanks, but I’m not flooded” and other links

In case anybody is worried whether I have been affected by the record breaking floods currently affecting Germany and much of central Europe (The Atlantic has a photo gallery here), I’m far from any potential flooding and safe, though some … Continue reading

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A Big Dump of Mixed Links

Somebody found my blog today by googling “cora buhlert sexy pics”. Now I’m torn between wondering who would be looking for sexy pics of my little old self on the internet and what exactly they were hoping to find. The … Continue reading

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Cora’s Reflections on Doctor Who – Nightmare in Silver

As I’ve mentioned before, I gave up regularly watching Doctor Who sometime towards the end of the Tennant era. Nonetheless, I come back for the occasional really special episode. And last Saturday’s episode Nightmare in Silver promised to be one … Continue reading

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