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“But she can’t live there” – Cultural Assumptions and Kids

Yesterday was a pretty good if busy day. Last night, I attended the monthly translators’ meet-up at Leo’s Restaurant. I had pasta with spicy tuna sauce, red wine and Italian hot chocolate (hot chocolate with a dash of amaretto) not … Continue reading

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Three Times Hallelujah and Your Mama

Today, I chanced to hear the song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen three times in a single day. Which is quite unusual, because even though there are umpteen thousand cover versions, it isn’t played all that often. The first time was … Continue reading

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Stuff Kids Say

At school today, my students talked about St. Nicholas Day and the treats and presents they got. I told them that Kinder Surprise eggs were banned in the US, which completely boggled their minds. One boy: “You mean, guns are … Continue reading

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Judging Books by their Covers

It’s still snowing, though no longer quite as cold as before. And of course my heater had to have a failure in the middle of the night (I have a nifty system that sends me a fax to inform me … Continue reading

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Kids and Creativity

My class went very well today. Several kids were ill or just plain didn’t show up, plus one had to leave early because of a family party or some such thing. So we were a very small group. And – … Continue reading

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Empathy and the lack of it

I’m tired and frustrated and don’t have a whole lot to say. I’ve seen a lot of stuff about the so-called empathy gap in recent times, which basically means that young people have been becoming less empathetic in the past … Continue reading

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