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Star Trek Discovery pays “An Obol to Charon” and gets back on form

After last week’s messy return to much of what made season 1 so annoying, Star Trek Discovery comes roaring back with “An Obol to Charon”. For my take on previous Star Trek Discovery episodes, go here. “An Obol to Charon” … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery suddenly remembers that season 1 existed with “Point of Light”

“Point of Light”, the latest episode of Star Trek Discovery, aired on Thursday (if you can call “running on a streaming service” airing). For my comments on previous episodes of Star Trek Discovery, go here. “Point of Light” feels more … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery Visits “New Eden” and Still Feels Like Star Trek

Welcome to my ongoing coverage of Star Trek Discovery. For my takes on previous episodes, go here. “New Eden”, Star Trek Discovery‘s second episode of the second season just aired and the show actually feels like Star Trek for two … Continue reading

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Star Trek Discovery is back… and it actually feels like Star Trek, for a change

It’s hard to imagine that two years ago, we didn’t have any new Star Trek on the screen at all beyond the vague promise of a fourth film in the J.J. Abrams reboot series (which has since been shelved). Two … Continue reading

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Cora spreads some joy at the Skiffy and Fanty Show

I know many of you are waiting for my take on the return of Star Trek Discovery, at least judging by the amount af attention my previous Star Trek Discovery posts get. And I’m drafting a post at the moment, … Continue reading

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Science Fiction Is Dying Again – The Hopepunk Edition

Science fiction sure dies a lot. It’s been regularly dying every year or so ever since it emerged as a separate genre (here is a recent example courtesy of Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin in Der Spiegel) and yet … Continue reading

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Two and a Half New “In Love and War” Stories Available

Yes, it’s a new release announcement and there will be more of them to come, as I get the stories from the July short story challenge ready for publication. But don’t worry, this blog is not about to turn into … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Season 1 of The Expanse

So season 1 of The Expanse finally has a German DVD release and I finally got around to watching all of it – after having watched the episode that was nominated for a Hugo last year. That is, I thought … Continue reading

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The Other Star Trek Show: Some Thoughts on The Orville

It seems to be one of those moments of cosmic serendipity, when two or more works with eerily similar concepts come out independently of each other at around the same time. Pop culture is full of such moments, such as … Continue reading

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The Star Trek Discovery Season Finale or “Hey, we finally remembered we’re making Star Trek and not Game of Thrones in Space.”

Star Trek Discovery has finally reached the end of its highly uneven first season (for my episode by episode musing, go here). The season finale was not as bad as I feared – no one died, for starters, which is … Continue reading

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