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Cora is elsewhere once again and shares a recipe

Yes, I will eventually post another post here. And in fact, I am currently working on a longer post about the latest reiteration of the science fiction versus fantasy debate that has broken out in the genre. I also have … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2019 – and some links

First of all, a happy new year to everybody who reads my blog! My 2019 bring you health, happiness and success! Here in Germany, 2019 is already a little more than three hours old and so far, the year is … Continue reading

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A Classic North German Dish: Bremer Kükenragout

Time for another food post and a recipe. The background is that a few days ago, the local Bremen newspaper Weser-Kurier tweeted an image gallery of typical Bremer foods. I retweeted the gallery and got into a conversation with Paul … Continue reading

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Culinary Archaeology: The Quest for Schillerlocken Salad

As I mentioned in my Christmas post, I decided to forego the traditional herring salad for Christmas 2017, because it is a lot of work and with my Mom largely out of commission, I was stuck doing the holiday cooking/food … Continue reading

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Sailor’s Curry – a curious Indian-German fusion dish

I don’t blog about food all that much, but today I want to share a personal favourite with you, namely the curious Indian-German fusion dish known as sailor’s curry or simply curry, if you’re from North Germany and grew up … Continue reading

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