Wolfgang Jeschke, Nutty Nuggets and mixed SF Links

Since my last post, a couple of other obituaries for Wolfgang Jeschke have popped up online, including a few in English:

There has also been some good news on the German SF front this weekend, because the winners of the 2015 Kurt-Laßwitz-Preise for German language science fiction have been announced. The award for the best German language SF novel went to Tom Hillenbrand for Drohnenland (Drone Country), another novel of which German cultural critics don’t seem to be aware that it is SF at all. Even Amazon Germany has it listed as a crime novel rather than as SF. The award for the best international SF went to Ursula K. Le Guin’s Paradises Lost.

Meanwhile, in the US, the Hugo war is still going on and reaching ever more ridiculous heights. The latest skirmish has the various puppies threatening to boycott Tor, i.e. the publisher whose books they claim to be hating anyway, and everybody else weighing in.

I’m largely keeping out of the puppy war these days, because I have better things to do than waste my time on a US-specific culture war that looks very quaint from the outside. Though I’ll probably post my personal Hugo voting policy.

However, I have to point out Mark Barrowcliffe’s a.k.a. M.D. Lachlan’s brilliant takedown of Brad Torgersen’s by now infamous “Nutty Nuggets” post.

Finally, for a non-SF-related link, here is a great article on the decline of the British seaside resort and its eventual rebirth. I have something of a weakness for British seaside towns, simply because they are so very different from the staid and dull German seaside resorts, so I’d be sad to see them die off.

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