Easter Linkdump

The longer post I have been working on still isn’t finished, so here is an Easter linkdump:

Kate Griffin on why she writes fantasy. Found via Josh Vogt.

At Grasping for the Wind, Keith Brooke of Infinity Plus wonders what the rise of e-books and indie publishing means for the publishing industry in general.

Abigail Nussbaum offers her commentary on the 2011 Hugo nominations.

Abigail Nussbaum is one of those critics with whom I usually vehemently disagree on everything. Which is why I’m surprised that I actually agree with her take on the Hugo nominations for once, because some names and books also left me scratching my head (though at least two of the puzzlers can be explained by geographic factors). I also thought that I was the only person who found the best graphic work category underwhelming, but then I stopped reading comics five years ago and am no longer in the loop, so there might really be nothing better out there these days.

Though I am actually a bit more optimistic than Abigail Nussbaum regarding the state of genre television, but that’s no surprise considering our tastes are diametrically opposed. Though I still agree that something beside Doctor Who should be nominated once in a while. What is more, according to the reviews I’ve seen the latest season of Doctor Who sounds awful. And really, is there no other storyline for women in the Doctor Who universe except to get married and get pregnant? The show was more progressive in the 1960s, for heaven’s sake.

My take on this year’s Hugo nominations is here in case anyone cares.

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