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Some reactions to the jabs against superhero movies at the Oscars

In my Oscar reactions post, I already addressed the jabs against superhero movies during the ceremony and explained why they sat badly with me. Hell, even Birdman winning the Oscar for best picture can be seen as a slam against … Continue reading

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Some Reflections on the 2015 Oscars

Yes, it’s the annual Oscar post. And yes, I did watch, even though I had little interest in any of the nominated films. In fact, I was considering going to bed all the way through the endless red carpet interviews. … Continue reading

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Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Christmas Carol and seasonal morality plays

Since it’s the run-up to Christmas, I’ve been watching favourite holiday movies, as they show up on TV. And so I ended up watching the 1980 adaptation of Little Lord Fauntleroy, starring Alec Guiness and Ricky Schroder, back to back … Continue reading

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