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An Interview with Cora and a frosty linkdump

Tonight is shaping up to be the coldest night yet ever since the extreme frost period began more than a week ago with temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius. I already got out my flannel pyjamas and ultra-warm fluffy socks … Continue reading

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Report Day Links

Today is report day, i.e. the students get their report cards, which also means a long weekend, because school doesn’t start up again until next Wednesday. And since today was the last day before the reports and the last session … Continue reading

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Zen, Doodles and Graphic Inspiration

The constant stormy and rainy weather is not agreeing with me at all. At any rate, I’m a lot more tired than I should be after only one week of school. Plus, the uncommonly mild winter is making my hayfever … Continue reading

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Eiswette and some Weekend Writing Links

Yesterday, the river Weser once again ran rather than stood, i.e. it wasn’t frozen, which is only to be expected considering that we had temperatures of around 7 degrees Celsius. Still, according to the traditional Bremer Eiswette (Bremen ice bet), … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day 2012 and a look back on 2011

After not getting a whole lot of sleep last night, I had to get up fairly early today, because on new year’s day we always visit some friends of my parents at Teufelsmoor just north of Bremen. First we went … Continue reading

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September e-book sales figures and some writing links

September is over, so it’s time for the monthly e-book sales figures. This month I sold 14 e-books across all titles and platforms. That’s up from 9 in August. For a more detailed analysis please visit the Pegasus Pulp site. … Continue reading

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Out of gas or where do ideas come from?

I’ve been feeling very out of sorts and worn out these past two weeks. Partly this is because of a translation job, which mainly requires translating a lot of e-mails sent back and forth at every time of the day … Continue reading

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Cora does her civic duty – and some links

First of all, I have a long post about art and money and why the whole literature versus entertainment debate annoys me up at Pegasus Pulp. There are a few notable points about yesterday’s regional elections in the North-East German … Continue reading

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More on the avalanche, science fictional childhood, dark YA and unfair e-book pricing

The Strunk and White avalanche is slowly ebbing, though I still get about ten times as many viewers as on a good day. Interestingly, the regional distribution of website visitors hasn’t changed all that much, only that there are a … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to… – and the magic of cartoons

First of all, I’d like to point to Shape No. 8, the newest Pegasus Pulp e-book again. Steph Swainston is one of those authors where I sometimes wonder “Whatever happened to her?” When The Year of Our War came out, … Continue reading

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