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First Linkdump of the new year

First of all, WordPress has released a neat annual report for this blog. You can see it here. Frank Zubek, another contributor to the charity anthology Something for the Journey, in which I have a story, has been interviewed at … Continue reading

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New Year’s Day 2012 and a look back on 2011

After not getting a whole lot of sleep last night, I had to get up fairly early today, because on new year’s day we always visit some friends of my parents at Teufelsmoor just north of Bremen. First we went … Continue reading

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One Year Blog Anniversary

Or would that be bloggoversary? At any rate, today is the one year anniversary of the new corabuhlert.com blog. Well actually, it was yesterday, but I missed the date in all of the travel uproar. If anybody is wondering what … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey goes to War

But first a few metrics: Pegasus Pulp has been in business for one month now. In that month, I put up five different e-books and sold 15 copies altogether over all platforms. There is a more detailed breakdown on the … Continue reading

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The Pegasus Pulp launch – and yet another announcement

The Pegasus Pulp launch was a lot more successful than I could have hoped for, because I sold nine books (and made approx. five dollars) on the first day. So far, Rites of Passage seems to be my bestseller. The … Continue reading

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More Searchterm Weirdness

Apparently, this post of mine is the top search result, if you enter “zeppelin porn” into Google. I don’t know what I find more disturbing, how many people are googling for Zeppelin porn or how many people misspell “Zeppelin”. Since … Continue reading

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April Flowers

The Internet is full of stupid April Fools Day jokes and hoaxes at the moment. But have no fear, I won’t add yet another joke to the flood already out there. Though I’d like to point out that March was … Continue reading

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Don’t write off vampires just yet!

There has been some gleeful reaction to this USA Today article, which states that sales of vampire fiction have dropped compared to 2009. Never mind that the article is actually summing up a whole lot of trends, that Stieg Larsson … Continue reading

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Happy New Year… and some metrics

So 2011 is here and has been for a little over two hours, so here’s a happy, healthy and successful new year to my readers (all two or three of you). I did the party thing for a few years … Continue reading

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Just some writing metrics

In October, I wrote 31385 words altogether. That’s about par for me, I write approximately 1000 words a day and have for quite some time. I count fiction (the novel plus some short stories), poetry (one new poem written in … Continue reading

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