An Interview with Cora and a frosty linkdump

Tonight is shaping up to be the coldest night yet ever since the extreme frost period began more than a week ago with temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius. I already got out my flannel pyjamas and ultra-warm fluffy socks a few days ago, because it’s getting too cold even for my tastes.

In other news, I am interviewed by singer/songwriter and paranormal romance writer Marie Symeou at her blog today. Come on over and check it out! You can also find links to all the online interviews I’ve done at the interview page.

I’ve also got a new post up at Pegasus Pulp, in which I dissect the latest stupid “Wah, e-books are the end of literature as we know it” article from the Guardian.

And now for some links from around the web:

At the Book View Café, Sherwood Smith has got a great post on the differences between Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer.

At Storytellers Unplugged, Gerard Houarner has a great post on writing, inspiration and “the zone”.

And yet another post on inspiration: Ian Duncan on how to use mind maps to beat writers’ block.

John Christopher, author of The Tripods and The Death of Grass, has died aged 89.

And since I forgot to post a link, German actor and director Vadim Glowna died last week aged 70. Vadim Glowna was a member of the ensemble of the Bremen theatre during the legendary Kurt Hübner period in the 1960s. Vadim Glowna’s mother-in-law, actress Ada Tschechowa, was killed in the only plane crash at Bremen airport to date back in 1966. My father drove past the crash site on his way home from work very shortly after the crash had happened. He told me that he didn’t even realize that there had been a crash, all he saw was a burning field. He actually thought it was a regular fire at first and only heard that there had been a crash when he came home.

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